Out of State Pistol Permit Classes 

To be contacted regarding class registration at the Albany County Pistol Club location only, Please complete the form below with the class date included the comment section.

IF you choose two or more of these classes the second or third is ONLY $50.00 dollars per class on the Same day.

Class cost $100.00
Permit cost $63.25
Renewal $25.75 (Online)
Valid for 5 years.

Class cost $100.00
Permit cost $100.00 per year
Valid for 6 years (must pay $100 per year to maintain see above)
*Must apply in person in Chelsea MA initial time.

Class cost $100.00
Permit cost $ 158.25
Renewal $70
Valid for 5 years

*Applicants must call CT at 1-860-685-8494 to request their specific non-resident packet prior to the class.

Class fee $100.00
Permit cost $60.00
Renewal $43.00
Valid for 5 years

*Arizona gets you New Mexico, but not Washington State.

*Utah gets you Washington State, but not New Mexico.

Class fee $100.00
Permit cost $124.00
Renewal $114.000 (Online)
Valid for 7 years